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Best Gold IRA Rollover

Best Gold IRA Rollover – What is an IRA?

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is simply a tax advantaged investing tool that allows qualified withdrawals on tax free basis, and this can only be done when certain conditions are satisfied.

It can also be used to ear mark funds or retirement savings. There are various types of IRA’s. They include Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE IRA’S.

How does IRA Work? [Best Gold IRA Rollover]

Investment held in IRA’s comprises of a range of financial products which includes; stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds (ETF) and mutual funds. They help dictate and facilitate how the IRA works. They work as follows:

1. Self-directed IRA’s can be a traditional or Roth IRA.

2. Self-directed IRA’s allow investors to make all the choices and also give them access to a vast selection of investments that can include – real estate, private placements, and tax liens.

3. Traditional and Roth IRA’s are the options for individual tax payers.

4. Self-employed individuals set up SEP and SIMPLE IRA’s.

5. An IRA must be opened with an institution that has received internal revenue service (IRS) approval to offer these accounts. The options include savings and loan association, brokerage companies and federally insured credit unions with individuals opening with IRA brokers.

6. Contributions to IRA can only be an earned income that meets IRA rules. Income from investments, child support and social security benefits don’t count as earned income.

Best Gold IRA Rollover

Characteristics of IRA’S [Best Gold IRA Rollover]

  • They are tax advantaged investing tools for individuals to ear mark their retirement savings.
  • There are laws governing maximum contributions and also income limits for IRA’s and that changes each year.
  • There is an early withdrawal penalty of 10% if you withdraw money from IRA before age 60.
  • There are income restrictions for contributing to Roth IRA’s and deducting contributions to traditional IRA’s.
  • IRA’S are of different types depending depending on individuals employment status and they have different tax.

What Is A Gold IRA Rollover?

The process of setting a gold IRA is easy if you have an IRA already. There are various types of IRA’s with different features while others gives you freedom, there are restrictions given by others. It is important to know the kind of IRA you own, you want to open or the one your employer wants to open.

It makes you know the possible investment decisions you could make now or in the future. If you own an IRA or an investment portfolio that is based towards stocks, bonds or other assets to the dollar.

Converting part of those investments into bullion coins and bars is a viable option for you as a protection against economic uncertainties like inflation, devaluation of currency and economic recession. This process is known as Gold IRA Rollover. This is the official term that refers to the process of opening a new type of self-directed IRA that will used to invest in gold.

While crediting or funding your new Gold IRA, there are two options they include a rollover and a transfer. A rollover is a much safer and tax advantaged strategy of moving your retirement savings.

What Differentiates A Rollover And A Transfer?

There is always a mix-up or confusion when it comes to separating these two processes. Some people identify them as a uniform process but they are distinct from each other. The IRS makes a clear distinction between a rollover and a transfer.

They stated that in a rollover, the money being moved is paid to you and then you deposit it into a separate account.

A transfer involves the original custodian of the IRA transferring the funds directly to the new IRA custodian chosen to receive the funds. This process doesn’t involve you receiving the money directly at any point.

Best Gold IRA Rollover

What Are The Rules Governing Transfers and Rollovers? [Best Gold IRA Rollover]


Accomplishing or executing a Gold IRA would need you to receive the money from your current custodian and you will have a sixty day from the date you received the funds to deposit the money in the Gold IRA Company or custodian you have chosen. If the transaction is not completed within the specified period, the money becomes a taxable withdrawal and you will have a penalty of ten percent withdrawal if you are under fifty nine and the half years. If you are withdrawing from a personal IRA for a rollover to another IRA, there is usually no withholding tax but you can do only one rollover per year.


A transfer is from custodian to custodian. The money doesn’t come directly in contact with you simplifying the process and helping you avoid any penalties. In this type of transfer you don’t have to worry about the sixty day transfer rule since you never receive the money. The transfer usually is by wiring directly between the respective IRA custodians. The original IRA custodian can also carry out the transaction by issuing a check made out of the custodian of the receiving IRA and mailing it out. It is seen as the easiest way to invest in gold through your IRA because it is handled in the background by the existing and new IRA custodians.


401k to Gold Rollover have slightly different rules for rollovers and transfers. If you own a 401k from a previous employer, it shouldn’t be a challenge and you should be able to execute a Gold IRA Rollover with any new custodian of your choosing. However, having a retirement plan through your current employer, you will need to check with them first. Some employers don’t allow gold investments as part of their 401 unless you resign from the company. It is important to know and understand your employers 401k before planning on using Gold IRA Rollover. Although, there are legal ways around restrictions, it is good to know if there is an obstacle from the beginning of the process.

What Are The Important Points We Should Take Note Of When Choosing The Best Gold IRA Rollover?

It is important to plan taking into consideration your funds and investment strategy. It enables you understand the possibilities and the restrictions enabling you make good decisions.

It is good to have a financial adviser who will guide you and enable you answer some questions. What is your view on the economy? What do you take in consideration when investing? How has your portfolio been performing? Do I plan on investing short-term or long-term? These questions make you pay attention to important facts like –

  • Diversification/Protection: A portfolio consisting of mostly stocks or bund is liable to devaluation if there is an economic challenge. Investing in gold that works against the stocks market with five to ten percent of your portfolio will be a smart move.
  • The stability currency’s value: If the dollar or your currency’s valuation hasn’t been stable, it is wise to invest ten to fifteen percent on your gold rollover.
  • The transparency and direction of the financial system: Forecasting whether the current financial system will crash or survive is an important point to consider. The gold works against the stock exchange market, so a crash in the financial system will lead to an increase in the valuation of gold. If you see this coming it is important to invest twenty to thirty percent of your portfolio on Gold IRA Rollover.
  • The best and safest gold to invest in: There are options between gold ETF, gold mining stocks, coins, bars and bullions. Which of them can be kept by you and which of them needs investment storage facilities.
Best Gold IRA Rollover

Where Are The Importance Of Investing In A Certified Gold IRA Company?

When investing in Gold IRA Rollover, it is important to know all the best Gold IRA companies. They don’t only give you peace of mind because your investment is in safe hands but they also make sure your investments are held by the best custodians. A trustworthy gold IRA company gives you benefits such as

  • Confidence: They are a certified and a trustworthy company, fear of being scammed by a profit hungry dealer who are prone to making rash decisions such as pushing numismatic coins because they have higher profit margins but lower gold purity due to their inexperience and lack of proper understanding of the gold market. It is important to always check on the IRA approved gold coins approved by the IRS to have an idea on the intentions of the Gold IRA Company. It enables you to keep in check.
  • Safety: The IRS allows only one tax free rollover of IRA funds each year, this rollover of the full amount of funds must occur within sixty days of removing the funds from your current IRA custodian’s care to avoid penalty.

A reputable and certified Gold IRA Custodian will be able to provide you with all the necessary paperwork and contact information needed to arrange your IRA rollover. Being in possession of this paper work before the rollover date enables the money to be successfully transferred to the Gold IRA account within the IRS required sixty days period. Other options include the current IRA custodian may choose to issue a check for the full amount of your IRA and then you will arrange for a deposit of the full amount with the new Gold IRA Custodian.

The Seven Best IRA Companies

The list of the best seven IRA companies or custodians in 2020 include:

  1. Orion Metal Exchange
  2. American Hartford Gold Group
  3. Oxford Gold Group
  4. Patriot Gold Group
  5. Monetary Gold
  6. Birch Gold Group
  7. Red Rock Secured
  8. Augusta Precious Metals
  9. ITrust Capital Gold
  10. Lear Capital
Best Gold IRA Rollover

Gold Investments Approved By Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

The IRS laid out some restrictions and criteria that must be met by a gold bullion, coins and bars before they are accepted as part of your IRA. The coins, bars need to be minted at a minimum purity level of ninety nine percent. The gold coins, bullions and bars that meet this criteria include:

  • American Gold
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • Australian Philharmonic and
  • Credit Suisse Gold Bar

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